Resettlement of Estates

Scope and Content

NOTE: 20L/32 is an epitome of the following deed, which users may find easier to use than this original deed.


1.a) Arthur Annesley (X) (as in 20L/6).

b) Arthur Annesley (XI) of St. Ann's House, Edinburgh, eldest son of 1a.

2.a) Rev. Charles Annesley Francis Annesley of Eydon Lodge, Northants.

b) Richard Groom of Henrietta Sreet, Cavendish Square, Middx, Esq.

3.a) William Disney of Elmers, Surrey, Esq.

b) Edmund Walker of Friern Barnet, Middx, Esq.

4.a) Charles Warde of Squerries Lodge, Westerham, Kent.

b) Stafford O'Brien of Bletherwick Park, Northants., Esq.

c) Edmund Walker (as above).

d) Richard Groom (as above).

5.a) Temple Arthur Francis Annesley, 2nd son of 1b.

b) Rev. John Evelyn Boscawen, Rector of Wotton, Surrey, Clerk.

6.a) Charles Annesley Francis Annesley (as above).

b) John Tyrwhitt Drake of Shadloes, Bucks., Esq.

7.a) Thomas Orde Powlett of Bolton Hall, Wensley, Yorks.

b) Edmund Walker (as above).

8.a) Augustus O'Brien of Cracklow, Co. Limerick, Esq.

b) William Powlett of Bolton Hall aforesaid, Esq.

PROPERTY: The Manors of Bletchington and Hampton Poyle, the Hundred of Ploughley; lands (specified) in Bletchington, Hampton Poyle, Hampton Gay, and Weston on the Green; the advowson of Sawtrey St. Andrews, and

other lands in Hunts (unspecified); lands (unspecified) in Counties, Wesford, Kerry, Clare, Kildare, Meath and Tyrone.

COMMENTS: 1 assign the above property to 2 in trust. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 are all trustees for various (specified) purposes, especially that of raising portions for the wife of Arthur Annesley (XI), and Arthur (XI)'s sons.

There is the following endorsement:

1 Mar 1842


1. a) Charles Warde (as above).

b) Edmund Walker (as above).

c) Richard Groom (as above).

2. Stafford O'Brien (as above).

3. Sir Edward Smith Lees of Edinburgh, Secretary of H.M.'s Post Office,

4. Edward Henry Rickards of Lincolns Inn Fields, Esq.

COMMENTS: 2 wishes to cease to be a trustee, and 3 will replace him. The property is therefore assigned to 4 to the use of 1 and 3.

See 20L/39-40 below for the correction of an error in the identity of Party 6b in the main deed.

This deed is inscribed on the outside The Trustees' Part. See SL11/1/2L/32 for a counterpart of it.