Resettlement by way of Release following Lease for a Year

Scope and Content


1.a) Arthur Annesley (X) (as in 20L/6).

b) Arthur Annesley (XI), eldest son

and heir apparent of 1a.

2.a) Charles Warde (as in 20L/6).

b) Martin Annesley (as in 20L/6).

3.a) Philip Thomas Wykham (as in 20L/6).

b) Francis Annesley (IX) (as in 20L/6)

4.a) Francis Annesley (IX) again.

b) William Groom (as in 20L/7).

c) George Booth Tyndale (as in 20L/7).

PROPERTY: Almost exactly the same as

20L/7 above.

COMMENTS: It is not clear how this

Settlement relates to 20L/6-7 above,

save that both deeds seem to attempt to

replace the will and marriage settlement

of 1785 with a complete settlement for

all Arthur (X)'s property.

Under this deed, 1 give the above

property to 3 upon trust for the family.

2 and 4 are also made trustees connected

with portions for children of the