Settlement by way of Lease for 2 Years and Release

Scope and Content


1. Francis (I), Lord Mountnorris.

2.a) The Rt. Hon. James, Viscount


b) Edward, Lord Viscount Conway and


c) James Hamilton, Esq., son of 2a.

d) Arthur Chichester, Son of Edward,

Viscount Chichester of Belfast.

e) Maurice Eustace, Esq., Serjeant at


PROPERTY: Towns and lands at Maghohere-

cate (alias Cloghmagherecat) and other

(named) places in Co. Downe, including

in the territory of Kinalearty, alias

mac Cartans Country, there.

COMMENTS: 1 gives the above property to

2 in trust for his wife Jane, and his

eldest son by her, Francis Annesley (V).