Scope and Content


1.a) Charles Warde of Bucknell, Oxon., Esq.

b) Martin Annesley of Reading, Esq.

2. Arthur Annesley (X) of Bletchingdon Park, Esq., Guardian of his infant son Arthur (XI).

3.a) John Bond of Hampstead, Middx., Esq.

b) Luke Flood of St. Mary Whitechapel, Middx., Gent. (both Commissioners for exectution of the Land Tax Act).

4. Rev. Francis Annesley (VIII) of Eydon, Northants., Clerk.

5. Rev. Francis Annesley (IX) of All Souls College, Oxford.

PROPERTY: As in 1D/56.

CONSIDERATION: £3754 19s 4d 3 farthings in reduced 3% Bank annuities (from 4 to 1).

COMMENTS: 1 assign the property to 4.

NOTE: Among SL18 (the Aplin and Hunt papers) are 8 leases of 45 Lincolns Inn made by Charles Annesley Francis Annesley (the heir of Francis (VIII) above) between 1842 and 1863. The leases between 1842 and 1857 are made to Henry Denton, those after 1857 to William Strickland Cookson and Charles Wade