Appointment of Power of Leasing Estates

Scope and Content


1.a) Arthur Annesley (X) (as in 20L/6).

b) Arthur Annesley (XI) (as in 20L/11)

2.a) Charles Warde (as in 20L/6).

b) Martin Annesley (as in 20L/6).

3.a) Philip Thomas Wykham (as in 20L/6).

b) Francis Annesley (IX) (as in 20L/6)

4.a) Francis Annesley (IX) again.

b) William Groom (as in 20L/7).

c) George Booth Tyndale (as in 20L/7).

PROPERTY: Manors, castles, towns and

lands (unspecified) in Counties Tyrone,

Wexford, Kerry, Clare, Kildare, Meath

and elsewhere in Ireland.

COMMENTS: The above property is assigned

to the use of 1a and 3 upon trust to

ensure remainders for 1a's younger sons

Charles, Francis (X), James (VIII), and

George Martin.

Note here SL11/1/2L/21, an appointment

of power of leasing estates, of 1809.