Deed to Lease Uses of a Fine

Scope and Content


1.a) David Walter of Godstone [Godstow],

Oxon., a Groom of H.M. Bedchamber.

b) Elizabeth, Lady Dacre, Wife of 1a.

2. Robert Patts Jr. of Ifford, Kent,


3.a) Francis Lennard, son of 1b.

b) Henry Lennard, son of 1b.

PROPERTY: Farm and land (described) in

Sutton, Long Sutton, Sutton St. Giles,

Sutton St. Maries, Sutton St. Edmunds,

Tidd St. Maries, Lutton and Gedney, all

in Lincs.

COMMENTS: 1 give the above property to 2

upon trusts.