Draft Transfer of Mortgage

Scope and Content


1.a) Edward Dillon Mansfield of Luckley,

Wokingham, Berks., Esq.

b) Edmund Kynaston Alderson of 15 Hart

St., Bloomsbury, Middx., Esq.

2. Arthur Annesley (XIII), Viscount

Valentia (as in 33L/4).

3.a) Thomas Algernon Smith Dorrien Smith

(as in 33L/157).

b) Sir Algernon Francis Peyton (as in


PROPERTY: The Bletchington Estate, and

hereditaments in Co. Kildare.


COMMENTS: 1 assign their rights to the

mortgage to 3.

This is almost certainly the mortgage

mentioned in 33L/32 above. See too

33L/204 below.