Declaration of Trust

Scope and Content


1. Arthur Annesley (X) (as in 20L/6).

2.a) Francis Annesley (IX) (as in 20L/6)

b) William Groom (as in 20L/7).

c) George Booth Tyndale (as in 20L/7).

COMMENTS: After the Settlement of the

same date (i.e. 20L/25), 2 are given

£12500 to pay off 1's debts.

On the dorse is a Release from all

Actions, dated 4 Dec 1812, by which 1

releases 2 from all actions, suits,

etc., arising from their trusteeship.

Note here SL11/1/2L/23-24, a Deed of

Appointment, and a Mortgage, both of