Settlement and Declaration of Trust

Scope and Content


1. Sir Thomas Coton of Conington, Hunts., Bart.

2.a) Sir John Munson of Burton, Lincs., Bart.

b) John Ferrard of Walton, Derbys., Esq.

3.a) John Coton, Eldest son of 1.

b) Dorothie, Wife of 3a, and Daughter of Edmund Anderson of Eyworth, Beds.

PROPERTY: Farm house and lands (not all specified) in Sawtrey Moynes, Sawtey Beaumes and Sawtrey Jewett.

COMMENTS: 3b's father had settled on his wife Alice (who has now married 1) an annuity out of the manor of Appleby. 1 has sold this annuity, and therefore gives the above property to 2, in

trust so that 3 may enjoy the rents of the same.