Draft Assignment of Mortgage

Scope and Content


1. George Booth Tyndale (as in 21L/12).

2.a) George, Marquess of Cholmondely (as in 21L/21).

b) Henry, Earl of Euston (as in 21L/21).

c) Lord George Seymour (as in 21L/21).

3. Arthur Annesley (XI) (as in 21L/15).

4. Hugh Horatio Seymour of Trinity College, Cambridge, Esq.

5. Lord William Henry Hugh Cholmondely of Holly Hill, Hants.

PROPERTY: As in 21L/21.

COMMENTS: This deed follows on from 21L/21 above. 2, 3 and 4 assign the property to 5 in trust for 2.