Settlement by way of Release following Lease for a Year

Scope and Content


1.a) Charles Warde (as in 20L/6).

b) Martin Annesley (as in 20L/6).

2.a) Arthur Annesley (X) (as in 20L/6).

b) Arthur Annesley (XI) (as in 20L/6).

3.a) Philip Thomas Wykham (as in 20L/6),

b) Francis Annesley (IX) (as in 20L/6)

4. Richard Clerke of Kingston Blount,

Oxon., Esq.

5.a) Sir John Dashwood King of West

Wycombe, Bucks. Bart.

b) Thomas Miller of Lincolns Inn,

Middx., Esq.

6.a) Francis Annesley (IX) again.

b) William Groom of Lincolns Inn

Fields, Middx., Esq.

c) George Booth Tyndale of the same,


PROPERTY: The Manors of Bletchington and

Hampton Poyle, Ploughley Hundred, lands

(some specified) in Bletchington,

Hampton Poyle, Hampton Gay, Kidlington,

Kirtlington, Bicester and Weston on the

green; properties in Sawtrey and

elsewhere in Hunts.; other lands in

Norfolk and Yorks (the latter including

the Manor of Thorganby); 2 houses in

Lincolns Inn Fields; lands in Counties

Kildare, Wexford, Kerry, Clare, Meath,

Down and Tyrone.

COMMENTS: The arrangements created by

the Will of Arthur Annesley (VIII) and

the Marriage Settlement of Arthur

Annesley (X) are now altered. At the

request of 2, 1 assign their trusteeship

(under the will of Arthur (VIII) to 3,

who now hold the land in trust for 2. 4,

5 and 6 are all made trustees for

various specified purposes connected

with 2's family.

An annuity is to be given to 3a.