Assignment of Mortgage in Trust to attend the Inheritance

Scope and Content


1. Philip, Viscount Wenman (as in 19D/8)

2.a) Rev. Willoughby Bertie of Buckland,

Surrey, Clerk.

b) Harrie Mary, Wife of 2a (nee


c) Philip Thomas Wykham of All Souls

College, Oxford, Esq.

d) William Richard Wykham (as in

19D/10). 2b-2d are all children of

William Humphrey Wykham.

3. Francis Annesley (VIII) (as in


4. John Walker (as in 19D/10).

PROPERTY: As in 19D/8.

CONSIDERATION: £2500 (from 2d to 2a and

2b); £2500 (to 2c from 2d); 5 shillings

(from 2d to 1).

COMMENTS: 1 assigns his mortgage to 4

in trust for 3.

The actual deed whereby Francis Annesley

(VIII) purchased the property is lost,

but 22D/6 below suggests that he bought

it in 1792. This deed is probably

connected with settling portions on the

younger children, which would have been

raised on this property.

NOTE: See 22D below in general for

documents about the Northants.

properties after their purchase by

Francis Annesley (VIII).