Appointment of Receiver

Scope and Content


1. Arthur (XIII), Viscount Valentia (as

in 33L/4).

2. The Rev. Henry Gosse (as in 33L/69).

3. John Maude of Arundel House, Arundel

St., Strand, London, Esq.

PROPERTY: The Bletchington Estate, the

Eydon Hall Estate, the Heathfield Estate

in Islip and Bletchington, and a life

assurance policy.

COMMENTS: 2 has lent money to 1 in 1887

(see 33L/69), 1894 and 1897, which

total £9700. Now 3 is appointed to

receive rent and profits from the above

lands to repay 2.

See too 33L/117 below.