Scope and Content


1.a) Hon. Eleanor Arthur Catherine Annesley

b) Hon. Frances Arthur Charlotte Annesley

c) Hon. Eva Arthur Henry Medora Annesley

d) Hon. Augusta Arthur Constantia Annesley

e) Hon. Altisidora Arthur Victoria Annesley

f) Hon. Algernon Sidney Arthur Annesley

(1a-1f are all younger children of Arthur (XI), Viscount Valentia)

2. Edward Lamb Sabin of Grays Inn, Middx.

PROPERTY: The portions due to 1a-1f under the 1837 Settlement (20L/31 above)


COMMENTS: It is agreed that 1f will execute this deed when he becomes 21 (which was in 1850). In the meantime, therefore, 1a-1e stand surety on his behalf