Scope and Content

Arthur Annesley (XI) was the eldest son

of Arthur (XI), and inherited his lands

in 1841. In 1844, he also inherited the

title of Viscount Valentia from his

cousin George Annesley (see E6/1/11L/3),

although due to disputes about the

extinction of the male line of John

Annesley (I), was never able to prove

his title beyond dispute.

NOTE: SL18 (the Aplin and Hunt papers)

include 3 grants of annuities, dated

1806-7, in which Arthur (XI), then a

young officer, borrowed large amounts

of money which he was unable to repay,

as well as some Settlements of

Annuities from 1837 and 1842.

This section includes many papers

concerning Arthur (XI)'s financial

problems, and his efforts to extricate

himself from them. They also concern his

dealings with his trustees and

solicitors, and include copies of his

will. One curious find in the papers on

Arthur (XI) is 21L/71, which records

payments to him under two pseudonyms. It

is not clear why he used them.