Transfer of Mortgage

Scope and Content


1.a) James Edmund Maude of Moore

Allerton, Leeds, Yorks., Esq.

b) John Maude of Arundel House,

Arundel St., London, Esq.

2.a) Bertha Cooper of The Firs, Redhill,

Surrey, Widow.

b) Annie Louisa Maude, Wife of 1a.

(2 are both daughters of Rev. Henry

Gosse [as in 33L/69]).

PROPERTY: As in 33L/69.

COMMENTS: 2's father, Henry Gosse died

in 1903. Now 1 assign their rights to

the mortgages of £3000, £1700 and £5000

to 2 (see 33L/69, 104 and 106 above,

and 33L/136 below).