Covenant to levy Fine and Deed to lead Uses of Recovery

Scope and Content


1. Dame Marie Wolley of Broxted alias Chawreth, Essex, Widow, eldest of 4 daughters and coheirs of Lady Winifred Hawtrey, wife of Sir William Hawtrie of Chequers, Bucks., Kt.

2. John Collins of Broxted, Yeoman.

3.a) Peter Poole of the same, Yeoman.

b) Newman Meade of Great Ryborn, Essex, Yeoman.

PROPERTY: Messuages, cottages, lands and yardlands in Hampton Poyle, alloted as one quarter of the manor there.

COMMENTS: 1 will levy a fine on the above property to 2; then in a forthcoming Common Recovery, 3 will be the demandants, 2 the tenant and 1 the vouchee.

It is not known when the Croke family bought this quarter of the manor. The description of the property in 1D/2 below suggests that the manor had been divided between 1 and her sisters, and that the Croke family had bought all the land from them by 1648.