Draft of Assignment of Mortgage

Scope and Content


1.a) Rev. William George Southey of

Abinger Rectory, Dorking, Surrey, Clerk.

b) John Maude (as in 33L/86 above).

c) Arthur Maude of Winterton House,

Westerham, Kent. (all three are

executors of Henrietta Southey [nee

Prattle - as in 33L/91 above])

2. Arthur (XIII) Viscount Valentia (as

in 33L/4).

3.a) The Hon. George Talbot Devereux of

Heathfield, a Major-Gen. in H.M.'s Army.

b) Thomas Algernon Dorrien Smith of

Tresco Abbey, Isles of Scilly, Esq.

PROPERTY: As in 33L/91.

CONSIDERATION: £400 From 3 to 1.

COMMENTS: In 1895, Henrietta Prattle

(the mortgagee in 33L/91) married 1a.

She then died in Mar 1897. 1 now assign

her mortgage to 3.

33L/101 is annotated with alterations

for the 1906 assignment (see 33L/130).

33L/175 below may be related to this