Release following Lease for a Year

Scope and Content


1. Thomas Deeming (as in 10D/10).

2.a) John Seaton (as in 10D/8).

b) Edward Maud (as in 10D/8).

3. Titus Wadsworth (as in 10D/8).

4. John Shell (as in 10D/11).

5. Francis Annesley (VIII) (as in


6. John Walker of Bethnall Green,

Middx., Gent.

PROPERTY: As in 10D/4.

CONSIDERATION: £700 (from 5 to 1) and

£875 (from 5 to 2).

COMMENTS: 2 and 3 give the property to

4; 1 and 4 assign their mortgages to 5

in trust for 5.

NOTE: See 22D below for documents about

the Northants. properties after their

purchase by Francis Annesley (VIII).