Marriage Settlement by way of Release following (lost) Lease for a Year

Scope and Content


1. Arthur Annesley (X) of Bletchington,


2. Dame Catherine Hardy of Rawlins

(Woodcote), Widow of Sir Charles Hardy,


3. Catherine Hardy, Spinster, daughter

of 2.

4.a) Josiah Hardy of Greenwich, Kent,


b) Edward Pauncefort of St. Mary le

Bone, Middx., Esq.

5.a) The Rev. Francis Annesley (VIII) of

Balscot, Oxon., Clerk.

b) Martin Annesley of Reading, Berks.,


PROPERTY: The Manor of Bletchington, and

other lands (specified) in Bletchington,

Kirtlington and Hampton Poyle; the

Manor of Cloughmaghrecatt, Co. Down, and

other lands (specified) there; the Manor

of Thorganby, Yorks., and other lands

(specified) there.

CONSIDERATION: £2338 and £1698 10s 4d. A

further £2947 7s 4d will follow on 2's


COMMENTS: 1 and 3 are to marry. 1 gives

the property to 4 in trust for the

marriage settlement. 5 are made trustees

for any children of the marriage.

On the dorse is the following charge:

28 Jul 1786

David Ker of Portavo, Co. Downe has

bought the Irish property mentioned in

the deed from 1 and 4 for £33845. Of

this money, £3000 goes to Arthur (X)'s

sisters, and £6000 to 4 upon trust. Now

the £6000 is given to Arthur (X), and

the sum is charged upon the Bletchington