Assignment of Leases for 41 years, 60 years, 46 years, 51 years and 41 years

Scope and Content


1. Richard Bancks, Citizen and Freemason

of London.

2.a) Anthony Hancock (as in 1D/3).

b) Carwell Hodgkins, Citizen and

Imbroder of London.

c) Edmund Peers, Citizen and Grocer of


PROPERTY: 3 messuages and grounds in St.

Butolph without Algate in the suburbs of

London; a capital messuage, stables and

coach-house in Pursfield and Ficketts

feild in St. Giles in the Feilds and St.

Clement Danes, London; a messuage with

lights, etc., on the backside of Old

Fishstreete in St. Nicholas Coldabby,

London; 4 messuages lately erected in

Clementes Inne Field in St. Clement


COMMENTS: 1 gives the property to 2

upon trust to raise money for his wife

Mary, and his younger son and daughters.