Lease for 61 Years (from 1638), by way of Final Concord

Scope and Content

The Deed is dated 15 days after Easter,

17 Cha I.


1. Richard fitz Gerrald, Esq.

2. George, Earl of Kildare.

PROPERTY: Castle, 10 messuages, 20

cottages and (specified) lands in

Dryanstone, Clancurry, Cappanaged,

Collioghmore, Colliaghbegg and Garry

Cahir, all in Co. Kildare.

COMMENTS: 2 allows 1 to have the lands

for 61 years.

Note here E6/1/7L/5-8 (a Common

Recovery and Final Concord on lands in

Co. Kildare from 1699), E6/7/9D/9 (an

Appointment of a Receiver of Rents in

1727, which include lands in Co.

Kildare), and E6/7/9D/10-13 (Deeds to

lead the Uses of Common Recoveries from

1733-4, which also include properties in

Co. Kildare).