Settlement by way of Release following Lease for a Year

Scope and Content


1. Thomas Coghill (as in 1D/48-49).

2.a) Sir Edward Norrys (as in 1D/79).

b) Robert Barker (as in 1D/79).

c) William Pudsey (as in 1D/79).

d) Sutton Coghill (as in 1D/79).

e) Thomas Coghill the younger, 2rd son

of Sutton Coghill.

PROPERTY: As in 1D/79.

COMMENTS: 1 gives the property to 2a-2d

to the use of 2a-d in trust, first for 1

and then for 2e.

Both this deed, and 1D/79 have

endorsements concerning their production

before a Chancery Commission in 1696 and


NOTE: Thomas Coghill died in 1694, and

the Manor passed to his nephew Thomas

the younger.