Release following Lease for a Year

Scope and Content


1.a) Arthur Annesley (X) (as in 16D/3).

b) Arthur Annesley (XI) (as in 16D/4).

2.a) Charles Warde (as in 16D/6).

b) Martin Annesley (as in 16D/6).

3.a) Rev. Francis Annesley (IX) (as in 16D/6).

b) William Groom (as in 16D/3).

c) George Booth Tyndale (as in 16D/6).

PROPERTY: The Manor of Sawtrey, otherwise Sawtrey Beames or Sawtrey St Andrews; messuages and lands in Sawtrey (described); the Manor of Little Gidding; the mansion house there, and lands and other houses (specified) there; the Manor of Hemington in Stilton; the mansion house there and lands and houses (specified) there; land in Caldecot, Stilton (including the Bell Inn) and the parishes previously mentioned, except for the advowson of Sawtrey St. Andrews.

COMMENTS: 1 wants to sell the above property, and needs the permission of 2, (the trustees of their lands). All parties therefore agree to let 2 hand the property over to 3 upon trust.