Scope and Content

Caryl Arthur James Annesley was the

second son of Arthur Annesley (XIII). He

inherited his father's titles after his

elder brother, Arthur Annesley (XIV) was

killed in the First World War.

Caryl Annesley served in the Army,

spending some years in the Middle East

and India. From 1907-1913, he was A.D.C.

to the Governors, first of Madras, then

of Bengal, and from 1922-1938 he was

Privy Secretary to Arthur, Duke of


Caryl Annesley never married, and on his

death in 1949, the Barony of Annesley

became extinct, but the Viscountcy of

Valentia passed to William Monckton

Annesley, a descendant of Martin

Annesley, a younger son of Francis

Annesley (VI).

These papers concern settling the

affairs of his parents Arthur (XIII) and

Laura, his shares, and his will.

Caryl Annesley was the last member of

his family to live at Bletchingdon. He

sold off several pieces of land in the

1920s and 1930s, no doubt to pay for

death duties for his parents, and

finally sold the remainder of the

estate in 1947 (see E6/6/10D-25D). He

also sold the remnants of the family's

property in Ireland, Northants., and

Somerset (see E6/7/8D, E6/9/24D and

E6/13). See too E6/11 for papers

relating to properties he rented in

London in 1934-1945.