Memorial of Mortgage by way of Lease and release of 31 Jul-1 Aug 1786.

Scope and Content


1. David Ker of Portavo, Co. Downe, Esq.

2. Arthur Annesley (X) of Bletchingdon, Esq.

3.a) Josiah Hardy of Greenwich, Kent, Esq.

b) Edward Pauncefort of Newman St., Middx., Esq.

PROPERTY: The Manor of Cloughmaghricatt, with the towns of Cloughmaghricatt and other (named) places in the barony of Kinelearty, Co. Down.


COMMENTS: 1 mortgages the above property to 3.

This deed is almost certainly linked to Ker's purchase of the Co. Down property from Arthur Annesley (X) in 1786 (see E6/1/19L/1 and E6/1/20L/1).