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Microfiche copy of the joint archive of the International Missionary Council and Conference of British Missionary Societies, largely dating from 1910-1945 with some material dating from 1902-1963, relating to co-operative missionary endeavours in India, and comprising minutes and papers of the National Missionary Council (NMC) and its successor the National Christian Council (NCC), 1912-1963, and of provincial mission councils (including Burma and Ceylon), 1913-1947; NMC correspondence and papers, 1912-1922, including some relating to the NMC survey, 1914-1920; NCC correspondence and papers, 1922-1951, on missionary work and related issues; papers on the NCC and the Christian Medical Association of India, medical work and medical education, 1928-1943; NCC Review, 1926-1950; papers on Christian literature, 1918-1943, and statistics for Indian Christians, 1922-1945; papers on NCC surveys on conditions in rural and industrial work and post-war economic reconstruction, 1927-1948; NCC mass movement and evangelism, 1929-1941; comity between different missions, 1917-1945; devolution of mission property, 1937-1947; the Jacobite (Syrian) Church (Orthodox), Travancore, 1929-1942; Benares City Mission, 1928-1949; interdenominational Church Union in South India, 1928-1947; various printed material, 1919-1957; papers on Indian government, constitutional reform, political affairs and independence, including implications for the Christian minority, 1915-1950; general educational provision and educational policy in India, 1911-1925, 1940; the 'conscience cause' in education, 1902-1925; Village Education Commission (which reported in 1920), 1904-1922, and related subjects, 1924-1949; the '4 1/2 Colleges Appeal' for women's education, 1926-1930; the Lindsay Commission on Higher (Christian) Education, 1929-1931, and the resulting Central Board of Christian Higher Education, 1931-1948, British Advisory Committee on Christian Higher Education, 1931-1939, and American Advisory Committee on Christian Higher Education, 1931-1938; papers on the Indian Christian Colleges Appeal, 1928-1948; High Schools Survey and related subjects, 1916-1935; theological education, including individual colleges, 1919-1948; women's education, including medical education and missionary training, 1916-1949; various Colleges, 1920-1951; various printed papers on Indian education, 1938-1946. Some material relates to Pakistan, the Punjab, and Bengal, as well as to India as demarcated in the modern period.

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Acquired in 1979.

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Copyright held by the World Council of Churches.