Film Strips

Scope and Content


Propaganda; les Diablerets; training; summer schools; GFS in British Guyana; Blazing our purpose; six girls; highlights of the GFS visits to the United States of America and Ireland 1957; a triumph of harmony - summer 1955; Lesotho - work among girls; the Christian and the world; daily work; community; GFS around the world


GFS No.1; GFS Strip No2.; Highlights of the GFS; Christian and work; Christian and world; Christian and community; Duntan Festival; Blazing out Purpose; GFS Summer School; Six Girls; GFS training; GFS around the world; Triumph of GFS harmony; How to behave at home; how to behave on holiday; how to behave at work; Regional Geography of Great Britain part 2 (South East England); Regional Geography of Great Britain part 5 (South East England); Jack and Jill learn Road Safety; Festival of Britain south bank exhibition; Les Diablerets and East Lulworth, Salisbury Diocese; GFS in British Guiana; GFS world film strip 1961; Office Committee; The GFS story,' Story of the GFS.

Also 4 film strips w/o tins, 6 tins w/o indication of contents, 1 larger reel