Scope and Content

P4/1/MS1-2 are FC's notes on Standlake

History. MS1 consists of notebooks

numbered by him, and these are

catalogued in numerical order. Some

printed books and original manuscripts

were inserted into the series, which

have been extracted. Some numbered

notebooks, however, have not been

found, namely no.28, described as 'a

collection of Standlake photographs and

pictures', and nos. 36 and 122, about

whose contents nothing is known. It is

also not known why FC chose to number

these books from 1-37 and 101-127.

P4/1/MS3 consists of typed transcripts

of some of these notes, and users are

advised to check these first.

Very few of these notebooks are dated.

However, it seems likely that FC was

working on Standlake history between

c.1910 and c.1940, so that these dates

are offered as an approximation.