Mixed Named Designers

Scope and Content

A very mixed selection of sketches, featuring a wide variety of styles and including designs by, amongst others, William Scott Morton, Haward and Fischer. The drawer also contained a list of designers, possibly referring to those with designs present in the folder: 'Souchet/Guerin (2); W.E. Taylor; Agnes Pinder Davis (2); Fischer; H. Noury; F.J. Mayers (7); I Bohl (2); Gros Renaud (2); J. Maler; G. Lasse; Rosemary Abrahams; Remy Germak; Rossendaal; R. Anton Moseles; Haward; Peter Stebbing; Elizabeth Gould; G.A. Jacob (2); John Hill; Sir M. Digby Wyatt; Alcide Legrand; Louis Silas; Chas Boucherel; Chas Kwitschala; Noury; Jules Crön; Wm Scott Morton; Arthur Wilcock'.