'We Are Seven' grave at Conwy

Scope and Content

A little girl met a poet in a churchyard at Conwy and she little realised that the spot where they talked would become one of the town's top tourist attractions. When William Wordsworth visited here he spoke to her, then he wrote a poem about her and what she had told him.

Over the years countless holidaymakers who remembered 'We Are Seven' from school days, had made a pilgrimage to the grave by the sun dial, a grave which bears no name. It does not even look like an ordinary grave. It is singled out from the others by a protective bracket over the allotted space and what remains of the stone. Souvenir hunters took their pickings in the old days and now there is nothing for them to carry away. But, were there seven children? The little girl puzzled Wordsworth at the time and continues to mystify most people and the most intriguing aspect is that she did not realise what she had started.

Original Index No. H0198.