St. David's Church

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In 1884 there was an auction of Craig y Don land which led to the growth of Penrhyn Bay. Part of the sale included Penrhyn Old Hall which is even older than the date 1590 shown over one of the fireplaces. It was the home of the Pugh family until 1760. The Pugh's were staunch Catholics and it is sad to see their 16th century Chapel decaying north east of the house. According to the Royal Commission of Ancient and Historical Monuments in Wales, who hacked their way through the undergrowth to inspect it in 1951, this may be the building described in an inventory of 1535 as Libera Chapella Beatae Mariae De Penrhyn, the Free Chapel of the Blessed Mary of Penrhyn.

Three centuries later it was being used as a stable but in 1926 it was restored by the Church in Wales and used for regular Anglican worship until the erection of a corrugated iron building in St. David's Road in 1930. This gave way to St. David's Church opened in 1963 beside Glan y Mor Road.

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