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Asks after information about the Analytical Society. Sends congratulations to Herschel. Has heard about JWW's cat and suggests he could get him an 'young elephant from Pidcocks.' Notes that Pidcock had complained to him that 'a tyger (sic) got loose, and destroyed ... three and forty pounds worth of monkies (sic).' Gives information regarding Parliamentary business, including a possible majority of '80 against the Catholics' and a rumour that 'ministers mean to be outvoted about the East India business.' Notes that the Princess of Wales is 'now a great town talk' and describes the actions which may be taken against her and who her supporters are. Also notes 'there is a villainous spirit among some of the mob here' and notes the whiff of revolution in the air, the championing of Burdett (Sir Francis Burdett) and the graffiti declaring 'Spence's Plan' and 'Honest Spence and a bellyfull' in support of Thomas Spence's ideas for land reform. 'They want plunder', he says, 'not reform'.

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