Programmes for Seniors Entertainment as part of Holiday Week or Old Students’ Day

Scope and Content

With the exception of St. Patrick's Day, all of these programmes are printed.

  • St. Patrick's Day (1923)
  • A Heart Attack in Three Palpitations [1924]
  • The Typical Topical Table (1926)
  • Three Meet or Speed the Plough (1927)
  • Artes Innominatae: A Peculiar Anomaly (1928)
  • The Bran Tub (1929)
  • The Stansfeld Girls Entertainment (1931)
  • Dick Whittington (1932)
  • Cabaret (1932)

Note: commentaries on these Entertainments may occasionally be found in the Annual Reports of the Students' Association. See OSA 6/1