Set XXXVII (1938-1941) Volume II

Scope and Content

Brown album with 'Snapshots' embossed on cover containing 117 photographs of Bedford Physical Training College students participating in college life. It is most likely that the album is the creation of a student from Set XXXVII. Most of the pages and photographs are captioned and many students are named.

The images show students playing hockey, lacrosse, netball and a stoolball team; scenes of students preparing against the threat of bombs and incendiary fires through digging trenches and practising fire drill at 29 Lansdowne Road; students skating on flooded fields at Goldington, taking picnics; scenes of diving in the indoor Bedford Girls' Modern School Baths and of Mr Blaze, swimming coach?; Senior students participating in gymnastics and dance demonstrations in the summer of 1941; views of various College buildings including the netball court, 31 Lansdowne Road, the interior of the medical room, a dining room and a student room; a print of a drawing showing the interior of the gymnasium; young children attending a clinic in a College garden and performing remedial gymnastics; schoolchildren taking physical exercise at an unidentified school; scenes from Luton Nursery School, Bedfordshire; scenes from the Bedfordshire National Fitness Display held on 1 July 1939 with gymnastic displays performed by College students.

The album also contains photographs of Rudolf Laban and Lisa Ullmann and includes the two of them at Bedford Physical Training College during Holiday Week 1942 where they gave classes in Modern Dance, and scenes from a Modern Dance course held at Moreton Hall School, Shropshire – three of the photographs have been identified to be that of Joan Goodrich, a Bedford student (1922-1925) and tutor (1933-1946) leading a small dance group outside Moreton Hall.