Academic Board

Administrative / Biographical History

An Academic Board was established by the Governing Body under paragraph 4 of the Articles of Government. Membership comprised the Principal, the Deputy Principal, all Principal Lecturers and Senior Lecturers and three elected members. Its function was to have general responsibility for the academic work of the College including curriculum development, selection and admission of students, examinations and teaching practice, and withdrawal of students. It also made recommendations to the Governing Body on teaching staff establishment and made representations on any academic matter.

Meetings were generally held twice a term although special meetings were convened on an ad-hoc basis to discuss cases of individual students or specific items of business.

The Academic Board held its first meeting on 15 November 1967 and its final meeting on 24 June 1976.

See LF 3/1/4/2 for Terms of Reference.


Items for discussion at the Academic Board were often put up on the Staff Notice Board or left in a folder for staff to consult and did not form part of the official Agenda Papers and Minutes. These items included draft papers for discussion, notices, reports, and correspondence. A file of these papers was found separated from records of the Academic Board meetings and an attempt has been made to marry these papers to the corresponding meeting and insert them amongst the Agenda Papers and Minutes. The task was made difficult by many of these items being neither dated or carrying a reference number.