Mary Kathleen Deveraux Set XXII (1923-1926) Volume II

Scope and Content

Brown oilcloth album containing 129 photographs of Bedford Physical Training College students participating in college life. The album belonged to Mary Kathleen Deveraux of Set XXII.

All of the images have captions describing scenes, activities and naming individuals. Several students from Set XXII are identified.

Scenes from College life include the following: students being coached by the British Olympic Swimming Team Coach Mr W. J. Howcroft in the Commercial Road Swimming Baths, Bedford; engaged in displays of folk dancing and Revived Greek Dance for Demonstration Day 1926 and gymnastic displays for Demonstration Day 1925 and 1926; scenes from the Senior Play The Typical Topical Table (1926); the cricket, hockey, lacrosse, netball, swimming and tennis teams; scenes from Demonstration Day 1926, Sports Day at the [Convent of the Holy Ghost School, Bedford] and the College; exterior of houses in Lansdowne Road, the gymnasium, and interior of the Big Lecture Room; tutors Freda Colwill, Helen McMinn, Molly Petit, Cicely Read, Elizabeth Roberts, Helen Rowlatt, and the Principal Margaret Stansfeld; Miss Charlotte Genevieve MacEwan (1897-1975) from Wellesley College, Massachusetts and her pianist Miss Thomas, who visited Bedford Physical Training College in June 1926 to teach a month-long course in Modern Dance.

See HRef 2/1/1 (1927) for a brief report of the visit made by Miss MacEwan.