Warwick Gymnasium

Scope and Content

The Warwick Gymnasium was completed in January 1956. The building also housed a Biology Laboratory and an Art Room above the gymnasium.

Contains original copy of the following publications, each containing an article and photographs on the new building:

  • Physical Recreation Vol.8 No.2, Apr. 1956 (p.44);
  • The Builder No.5911, 13 Jul 1956 (pp.50-51 & p.61 in supplement);
  • The Leaflet Vol.57 No.7, Aug. –Sep. 1956 (p.37);
  • The Times Educational Supplement , 28 Sep. 1956 (p.1164);
  • Physical Education Vol.48 No.145, Nov. 1956 (pp.75-77) and a typescript copy of the article;
  • The Architects' Journal , 10 Jan. 1957