Set XIX (1920-1923)

Scope and Content

Grey oilcloth album with 'Album' inscribed on front cover containing 111 photographs of students and staff of Bedford Physical Training College for the years 1920-1923. It is probable that the album was created by members of Set XVIV and presented to the College. All of the images have captions describing scenes, activities and naming individuals.

Scenes from College life include the following: students swimming at Commercial Road Baths and Newnham Baths, dancing demonstrations featuring country dancing, Cloak & Cymbal Dance, Hungarian Dance, Running Dance and Greek dances, gymnastic demonstration; cricket, hockey, lacrosse and tennis teams; Set XIX, residents of 5 Dynevor Road and 17 Lansdowne Road; interior of bedroom occupied by students Jeanie Forsyth and Nita Henson; view of Lansdowne Road and garden of 3 Lansdowne Road; scenes from A Kiss for Cinderella (1923), excursions to Margaret Stansfeld's cottage at Pavenham, Bedfordshire, Empire Day (1923), Guide Camp (1922), dancing demonstrations in support of Bedford Hospital Fête, a visit to Bedford Water Works in preparation for the Royal Sanitary Institute examination, the playground at Goldington Road School, Bedford, and an R38 airship flying over the College.

Several students from Set XIX are identified together with several staff including the groundsman Mr Mansfield and tutors Freda Colwill, Miss E. Johansson, Helen McMinn, Molly Petit, Cicely Read, and some staff from St. Thomas' Hospital, London.