Personal album of Mary Victoria Lace Set XV student (1917-1919) & tutor (1922-1950) Volume I

Scope and Content

Beige cloth album with 'Photographs' embossed on front cover. Mary Victoria Lace became a member of staff in 1922 until her death in 1950. The album contains 236 photographs showing students and staff of Bedford Physical Training College over almost two decades and holiday snaps, friends and family.

Almost all of the images have captions describing places, occasions and naming individuals. Scenes from life at the College include Holiday Weeks and Demonstration Days; dancing and gymnastic displays including Revived Greek Dance from the Seniors; students from Sets XVIII and XXIII; scenes from entertainments performed by students and staff including A Kiss for Cinderella (1923), The Romantic Age (1923), and the Seniors Play (1924); a 21st birthday tea party in the garden; the interior of the medical room (1935); young children demonstrating flat foot exercises; a country dance party for elementary school children; and staff members including Freda Colwill, Helen McMinn, Molly Petit, Cicely Read, Elizabeth Roberts, Helen Rowlatt, the Principal Margaret Stansfeld and the groundsman Mr Mansfield.

Outside of the College, the album has images of St. Thomas' Hospital, London, where Mary Lace undertook further training in Massage, Medical Gymnastics and Electricity following completion of her studies at Bedford (1921); attendees at the Chartered Society of Massage and Medical Gymnastics (C.S.M.M.G.) Teachers Certificate course (1923 & 1934);the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley (1924); a Folk Dance competition held at Lilford Hall, Northamptonshire at which the College competed (1924 & 1926); photographs and postcards of numerous towns and cities and the surrounding areas in the 1920s and 1930s including Bath, Bedford, Bristol, Eastbourne, Exmoor, Wells, the Cotswolds, Norfolk, North Wales, and Copenhagen.