Letter and notes of reminiscences from students of Set XXXIV (1935-1938); Set XXXV (1936-1939); Set XXXVI (1937-1940); Set XXXVII (1938-1941); and et XLII (1943-1946)

Scope and Content

Contains contributions from Anne Cockayne, Rachel Briggs, Rachel Eccles, Margaret Joan Hall, Margaret Mitchell, and Margaret Williamson of Set XXXIV (1935-1938); from an unnamed student of Set XXXV (1936-1939); from Kathryn Anson and Veronica Hayman of Set XXXVI (1937-1940); from Joan Mary Gibson and an unnamed student of Set XXXVII (1938-1941); and from Erica Bache and Joan Carrington of Set XLII (1943-1946). Extracts were published in the 1977 Annual Report of the Bedford Physical Education Old Students' Association.