Set XXXIX (1940-1943)

Scope and Content

Brown album with 'B.P.T.C. XXXIXth Set 1940-1943' embossed on cover containing 150 photographs of Bedford Physical Training College students participating in college life. It is likely that the album was presented to the College by the students of Set XXXIX as a record of their time at the College. Individual pages are captioned with only staff named. The first page of the album carries the signatures of students from Set XXXIX.

The images show several hockey matches; scenes of students contributing to the war effort through assisting with the fruit harvest at a farm in Evesham, Bedfordshire in the summer of 1941 and 1942, and assisting at a farm in Devon in 1943; students dressed in clinic overalls, performing a gymnastics display on the Bedford rugby ground on Whit Monday as part of the Bedford 'Wings for Victory' week in June 1943 organised by the Borough Savings Committee (also includes a press cutting reporting on the event), taking picnics, and swimming, diving and boating on the river; views of various College buildings including row of College houses in Lansdowne Road, 5 Dynevor Road, the laboratory, Big Lecture Room, air-raid shelter, College gardens and the interior of a student bedroom; schoolchildren taking physical exercise at Jubilee School, an unidentified school and on a playing field; applicants for the Midlands Hockey Trials in 1942; scenes from the entertainment Pinocchio performed in 1941; Senior students performing gymnastics and a dance titled Everyman for their demonstration in the summer of 1943.

Note: the content in this album is similar to that found in PH 2/57.