Joan Mary Gibson Set XXXVII (1938-1941)

Scope and Content

Loose pages (10) from a photograph album containing 97 photographs of Bedford Physical Training College students participating in college life. The album is the creation of Joan Mary Gibson of Set XXXVII. The pages and photographs are captioned and students are named.

The images show students of Set XXXVII; scenes of students preparing against the threat of bombs and incendiary fires through digging trenches; students relaxing in the garden, skating on flooded fields at Goldington, taking picnics; scenes of swimming and coaching in the indoor Bedford Girls' Modern School Baths and of Mr Blaize, swimming coach?; Senior students participating in gymnastics demonstration in the summer of 1941; views of various College buildings including the netball court, entrance to the gymnasium, 31 Lansdowne Road, the interior of the Junior Common Room, gymnasium, medical room, Small Lecture Room and a student room in 17 Lansdowne Road; schoolchildren taking physical exercise at Goldington Green School.

A series of images illustrating gymnastic movements and the use of equipment in the gymnasium are included and may have been created for use in a book.