Jacqueline Culverwell Set XXIV (1925-1928) Volume II

Scope and Content

Pale green cardboard album with 'Photographs' written on cover and drawing of a group of birds pasted onto cover. The album belonged to Jacqueline Culverwell of Set XXIV. The 59 photographs show Bedford Physical Training College students participating in college life. All of the images have captions describing scenes, activities and naming individuals.

Scenes from College life include the following: students swimming in the Commercial Road Swimming Baths and Newnham Baths; netball and tennis teams; scenes from Demonstration Day 1926; group of students resident at 23 Lansdowne Road; students relaxing in the garden; the gardens of 27, 29 and 31 Lansdowne Road; cricket coach Mr Baker, tutors Aileen Carr, Freda Colwill, Ida Hadley, Mary Lace, Molly Petit, Cicely Read, Elizabeth Roberts, Helen Rowlatt, and the Principal Margaret Stansfeld; school children from Priory Catholic School, Bedford.