Personal album of Olive Maud Andrews Set XIV student (1916-1918)

Scope and Content

Orange leather album with 'Album' and a stylised flower embossed on front cover containing 321 photographs of which around 90 show students and staff of Bedford Physical Training College for the years 1916-1918. The remaining photographs date from the 1920s to c.1930 and mainly consist of holiday snaps, friends and presumably family. Norah Scott Strathairn (1891-1963), a close friend of Olive Andrews, features in several of the photographs.

The images of 1916-1918 show scenes from life at the College and include the following: students playing hockey and tennis, engaged in country dancing and gymnastics; picnics and boating on the river Great Ouse, tea parties in the garden, on excursions in the countryside and playing in snow; students dressed in fancy dress; the hockey team; the groundsman Mr Mansfield, tutors: Ida Hadley, Elin Lindelöf, Molly Petit, and the Principal Margaret Stansfeld; 37 Lansdowne Road: interior of gymnasium, teaching room and medical room; exterior of 5 Dynevor Road, and the Commercial Road Swimming Baths. All of the photographs carry inscriptions and include scenes from hockey and tennis matches played between the College and an Officers Team from the No. 1 School of Instruction at Elstow, Bedfordshire. The students identified and named in the album are all from Set XIV.

Only a small number of photographs dating from the 1920s are annotated. The scenes depicted show a wedding, a holiday taken in St. Oswald's Bay in Dorset, excursions in the countryside, camping, the garden of Olive's residence at 47 South Street, St. Andrew's in Fife, and a visit by the Women's Cricket Association to St. Leonards School in St. Andrew's in 1930.