E. Constance Bedford Set VIII (1910-1912)

Scope and Content

Collection of 24 photographs of students and staff of Bedford Physical Training College for the years 1910-1912. It is believed that the photographs were donated by Constance Bedford of Set VIII.

Most of the photographs have captions on the reverse.

The images show scenes from life at the College and include the following: students playing hockey, engaged in dance and gymnastics displays (including a group dressed in Morris costumes); group photographs of students from Set VIII; 37 Lansdowne Road: the garden and summer house, interior of the Junior Study Room and gymnasium; and the back of 11 Linden Road (used for student accommodation).

Staff members Ida Hadley (performing a Cymbal Dance), Molly Petit, Elizabeth Roberts, and the Principal Margaret Stansfeld can be identified along with students Constance Bedford, Isa M. Davidson, Florence Goodland, Nancy Harris, Elaine Percival Hart, Edith Mary Lee, Dorothy McCracken, Dorothy Marshall, Dorothy Nethery, Violet Patterson, Edith M. Priestly, Eva Priestman, Margaret Sinclair, and Dorothy Twycross.