BA (Honours) Sports Studies Degree

Administrative / Biographical History

The BA (Honours) Sports Studies Degree was a three-year teaching degree aimed at those looking for the opportunity to specialise in the study of sport.

Details of a proposal for a BA (Honours) in Sports Studies were first submitted by Bedford College of Higher Education to the Council for National Academic Awards in May 1979. Members of the Recreation and Sports Studies Board visited the College and issued a report in November 1979 in which they agreed to approve the course at Honours level subject to the fulfilment of a number of short-term and longer-term conditions and recommendations. In response to these comments, the proposal was amended and supplementary papers detailing these amendments were submitted in February 1980 and the degree was subsequently validated in March 1980. Following a review visit by members of the Recreation and Sport Study Board in June 1983, approval for the degree was extended for a further two years and for a further three years in 1985 subject to the successful outcome of progress review visits. In 1990 the degree was phased out and replaced with a BA/BSc Honours Modular Scheme.