Nancy Lusty Set XXVI (1927-1930) Volume I

Scope and Content

Loose pages (14) from an album containing 95 photographs showing Bedford Physical Training College students participating in college life. All of the images have captions describing scenes, activities and naming individuals. It is thought that the album may have belonged to Nancy Lusty of Set XXVI.

Scenes from College life include the following: students swimming in the Commercial Road Swimming Baths and Newnham Road Baths, Bedford, playing netball, engaged in displays of English folk dancing, Revived Greek Dance and gymnastics most probably for a Demonstration Day; cricket, hockey, lacrosse and swimming teams; tea parties in the garden and a combined 21st birthday party at Woburn Sands; skating and having fun in the snow; students dressed in theatrical costume for an entertainment [1929] and a stage dressed for the Senior students play Tilly of Bloomsbury Scene I performed during Holiday Week on 4 August 1930; the exterior and garden of 17 Lansdowne Road, the dining rooms in 3 and 37 Lansdowne Road, and the interior of the medical room; tutors Elizabeth Roberts, Helen Rowlatt and the Principal Margaret Stansfeld; school children from Clapham Road School and Goldington Road School Infants, Bedford.

The photographs also show a R101 airship over Bedford; scenes from Bedford School Swimming Pool with a diving demonstration by the American swimmer and diver and Olympic medallist Aileen Riggin (1906-2002), accompanied by the British Olympic Swimming Team Coach Mr W. J. Howcroft (1930); May Day celebrations at Ickwell, Bedfordshire (1930) and a country dancing festival at Hatfield House, Hertfordshire (1930).