Scrapbook I

Scope and Content

Scrapbook containing primarily photographs of children of former students of Bedford Physical Training College, many of which were sent to the Principal, Margaret Stansfeld as part of Christmas Greetings messages between the years c.1910-late 1940s. Also includes photographs of College staff and students, often participating in games and demonstrations or during Holiday Week (c.1906-1940); Margaret Stansfeld receiving a gift of a Morris Cowley 4-seater car from the Bedford Physical Training College Students' Association on the College's 21st anniversary; scenes of a gymnastic demonstration in the grounds of Lillsved Gymnastics Folk High School, Sweden (1947); scenes of a demonstration in the College gymnasium by the Sophia Girls Team from Sweden(1947).

The photographs were found loose in a box and were mounted into the scrapbook in 1987 alongside captions found on the reverse of the photographs.

See also OSA 3/1-2.