File containing letters and poems sent to Paul Green in connection with issue 3 of Spectacular Diseases

Scope and Content


a) Handwritten letter signed from Peter Barry, 11 October 1976, with typescript of poem from 'Tramwayman'

b) Typescript letter signed from Ken Edwards, 4 September 1976, with typescript of poem, 'Accidents'

c) Handwritten letter signed and card from Neil Oram, undated, with typescript of an untitled poem

d) Typescript letter signed and Handwritten letter signed from Anthony Barnett

e) Handwritten letters signed (2) from Peter Robinson, 10 May 1977 and 21 February 1978, with typescript of poem, 'Ear to the night, mouth to the morning'

f) Handwritten letter signed from David Miller, 7 January 1977, enclosing typescript of poem, 'What would it mean'

g) Typescript letters signed (2) and postcard from Glenda George, enclosing typescripts of poems: 'Speculative disasters'; 'Deliberate equilibrium'; untitled

h) Typescript letter signed from Peter Philpot, undated, enclosing typescript poems from 'Some action upon the world', nos. 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99

i) Typescript letter signed from Brian Marley, 20 July 1977, enclosing typescripts of poems: 'Some other adieux'; 'Twin moons'; 'Laudanum reverberations'; 'Bumper to bumper (with Otto)'

j) Typescript letter signed from Chris Torrance, 9 May 1977, enclosing typescript of poem, 'At Christine's place'

k) Handwritten letter signed from Peter Hoida, 17 September 1976, enclosing typescript of poem, 'The Map of Nova Scotia'

l) Handwritten letter signed from Alan Davies enclosing typescripts of poems: 'Amerikan rescue'; 'Dance'; 'Mallarme's daughter'

m) Handwritten letter signed from Graham Jukes, undated, enclosing typescripts of poems: 'Slope'; 'A la mode'; 'Railway poem'

n) Typescript letter signed (photocopy) from Jeremy Davies, enclosing photocopy typescripts of poems: 'Walk on through'; 'I into I: Out'; 'Coulds not bearings'; 'Two'; 'Ritual'

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